Pirates Rock Event

The Platte City Pirates definitely rock!! Miss Kansas City Outstanding Teen, Morgan Carnes, and I had an absolute BLAST at the Pirates Rock Event! Although it was a little chilly outside, we bundled up to celebrate good character.  

The Missouri State Legislature recently cut the Missouri Character Education project in schools.  Since Character Education is too crucial to abandon, the CharacterPlus program developed as a more affordable plan.  Through the newly implemented CharacterPlus program, two students who represent a character trait are chosen monthly in every classroom.  Some of the character traits include; respect, responsibility, self-control, courage, kindness, individuality, among many others.  These students are awarded for their good moral character in many different ways.

The Platte City School District is lucky to have so many wonderful sponsors to host an event for all of the students that won these awards.  The students were able to bring their families out to Platte City High School celebrate their good display of moral development.  The event was sponsored by several surrounding businesses, including the Miss Kansas City Organization!  Each character trait had it's own "booth".  Morgan and I helped the kids celebrate "individuality".  Since the ages of students ranged from kindergarten to 8th grade, we decided it was best to promote individuality by giving the kids little face tattoos.  The students were able to choose their own "individual" tattoo that best represented them.

At the beginning of the event, Morgan and I were welcomed by the Pirate's mascot!

Putting on a tattoo sticker

We visited with girls and boys from a wide range of ages- most of the girls wanted to be divas or rock stars! 
After awhile Morgan and I were getting eager to go and enjoy some of the other booths with the kids! We were able to escape our booth, leaving it up to one of our lovely board members, Louise.  

As we began on the exciting journey away from our Individuality booth we ran into a chicken!

We continuously stopped back by the booth to visit with little girls that were upset that the "princesses" left. :o) 

When we journeyed off again, we couldn't help but put on a show!! Although we are both tap dancers- we like to think that we can be rock stars! 

On our adventure to the bounce house we ran into some friends that wanted to race us on the slide! I'm sure that by looking at the difference in sizes, you can already guess who "won"; however, I convinced her that she took 1st place! 

Between us, I think Morgan and I may have had more fun than some of the kids that were there! 
After a lot of fun on the slide and the bounce house we got to pretend that we were saving lives with the firemen.

(They even let us drive the truck!!)
This entire event would not have been possible without the wonderful support of the Platte Valley Bank!! A huge heartfelt thank you goes out to all of their volunteers.

After signing a few more autographs it was time to pack up. We had a great time and enjoyed every second of the event! The kids were a lot of fun to play with and they all displayed great moral character.

"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel." -Unknown

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  1. Fantastic description of your purpose for the schools, I can't be more proud!!