Directly after my radio interview I headed for Southeast Kindergarten School in Warrensburg, MO.  I had the opportunity to visit several classes to speak with them about goals and how I made it to be Miss Mid-Missouri.  I also answered a wide range of questions from "how do you sleep with the crown on?" to "do you have a cow print bowling ball?".  The students were adorable and I loved all of the hugs I received. 

When my time was over at Southeast I headed for Sterling Elementary school.  At Sterling I spoke to several 4th and 5th grade classes and also got a lot of questions from them!  I especially enjoyed one of these classrooms because the educator used to be on one of my preparation boards for Miss Missouri.  I loved getting to see her and catch up briefly. 

When I left Sterling, I went to Martin Warren Elementary School.  This appearance was very special to me because they have a few students with Celiac Disease (my platform)!  I absolutely loved speaking with the student's classes to explain why some of their friends cannot eat birthday cake with them on their birthdays and can't have a school pizza party. The students enjoyed what I had to say and all wanted an autograph.  I love these classes the most because it serves as more motivation for me to further education about my platform.

After speaking with the class I received a letter from the mother of one of the Celiac students, thanking me for educating the students and supporting her daughter.  This is a constant reminder for me as to how important it is to spread awareness.

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